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Who we are

We know nothing can be more important than life of human being. We prefer to be in business with the companies, who recognize this fact.

Metis Pharmaceutical Warehouse has been serving both locally and internationally for over 20 years. In 2020, we have reshaped our business model and upgraded it by enlarging our team and facilities. Our team is consisting of pharmacists and experienced experts in their fields. Our warehouse is certified and audited by The Ministry of Health and related governmental institutions. Metis Pharmaceutical Warehouse is offering a wide range of pharmaceutical, medical consumables, OTC products, and cosmetic products.

Our Services include, Named Patient Supply (Named Patient Program), Hospital SupplyWholesaleTenders, and Clinical Trial Supply.

Our Products include, Branded Medicine, Generic Medicine, Oncology Drugs, Orphan Drugs, Dermal Fillers, Cosmetic items, Medical consumables.

Our clients include Governmental Institutions, International Warehouses, Hospitals, NGOs, Pharmacies, and patients all around the world. Our supply chain is provided as both room temperature and cold chain logistics.


Our goal is to keep providing our high quality service as we also keep developing our technology and manpower to serve more efficiently to more people around the world. In near future, we are also planning to invest more in Research and Development to start manufacturing our own patented pharmaceuticals.


Metis Pharmaceutical Warehouse is working to become one of the Multinational Brand Names in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector. We principal and core competence is providing the highest quality service with competitive prices. We are fully aware of the importance of time in this sector, and we are always partnering up with reputable companies, who are sharing our principals.


  • In Healthcare sector, becoming the main entrance of Turkish Market to the entire world
  • Becoming one the most preferred Multinational Company of Turkey
  • Developing our analyzing and fulfilling our Clients’ needs
  • Maintaining our competitive pricing policy as we maintain our service quality
  • Always invest in the Research and Development and maintain our expansion of services

Message from Our CEO 

Metis Pharmaceutical Warehouse has been serving with integrity and reliance for over 20 years. Providing Pharmaceuticals for people in need has always been a sensitive subject for us. As we are aware of this essentiality to deliver the goods in required conditions, we have never stopped improving our service quality. Having the power of experience in this market we are always searching for the optimal quality and we are looking forward to hear your feedbacks to help us keep our improvements. 

When the subject is human and human health, there is no room for any risks. We understand the requirement for well educated and trusted team of employees. We are making sure each and every teammate we add to our team is well aware of the importance of serving in health sector.

Kursat BUDAK – CEO of Metis Pharma Group

“Nations that are used to living in comfort without working, learning, and getting exhausted, are going to lose initially their dignity, then freedom, and their futures.”

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Office Phone: +90 3123870676

Macun mah. Batı Bulvari

ATB Is Merkezi No 1/251
Yenimahalle, 06560